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Clip Holster.

Are you in market shopping for Clip Holster ?

Holster clips are found in many places. However, You do not have to go to Amazon or anywhere else.

Best results for Gun Holsters are found with us, at

As a gun holster company, we make the finest concealed carry holsters in America.

From IWB holsters to OWB holsters, we have you covered.

Gun Holsters C3LeatherWorks Miami produces a high-quality, reliable concealed carry holster for any type of firearms.

In other words, Our Handmade Holster production  cover Concealed Carry, Holster Clip, and any other model that may be required.

Gun Holsters are Handmade | Artisan holster Clip Makers

Above all, please notice that all of our Clip Gun Holsters are Handmade. Make them compatible with Smith and Wesson, Shield, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Guns, for Men and Women Comfort.

Since we are Artisan holster clip makers, there is no brand we cannot work. Our Holsters’ Clip are made to fit all Brands.

Of course we also produce concealed carry holster. You can see image at front page. We do concealed carry holsters for all brands.

We can produce many types of Clip Holsters:

  • Holster and Ammo Carrier Finder

  • holster’s Clip for Glock

  • Glock clip holder

  • Belt holster’s Clip

  • Quick holster’s Clip

  • Universal gun Holster’s Clip

  • Inside the waistband Holster’s Clip

  • Trigger guard Holster’s Clip

  • Holsters to fit your Lifestyle & Handgun.

  • Women’s Holster’s Clip

  • IWB Holsters

  • Range OWB Holsters

  • Verso Holsters Clip

  • Hunting Holsters ‘Clip

  • Carry Holsters with Verso Clip

  • Ankle holster

  • Custom made Holsters

  • Handgun Holsters

In addition, please remember we can do a Clip Holster or a Conceal Carry with Clip draw.

 Holster’s Clip Designs and Materials.

Our Gun Holster designs cover a wide variety of shapes, materials, and retention + release mechanisms. Therefore, from simple leather pouches hanging from a belt to highly protective holsters with flaps that cover the entire handgun. Similarly, We may also produce for you a highly adjustable competition holsters that hold the handgun at a precise position and release instantly when activated. However, the wide range of types indicates the highly varied circumstances in which holsters are used, and the varying preferences of the users. In conclusion, we adapt our production of Gun Holsters’ Clip to your necessity. You tell us the type of Holster’s Clip you need and we will produce it.

Brand: c3leatherworks

Model: Clip Holster

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Black, Brown, Exotic, Natural


Beretta 92, Beretta 96, Browning 1911, Cobra 9mm derringer, Colt 1911, Colt 1911 w/ rail, Colt PYTHON, Colt SAA 4-6", Colt-Phyton-357, CZ 75, CZ 75 COMPACT, CZ 75 Sp-01 shadow, CZ P10, CZ SP01 SHADOW, Derringer Cobra 9mm, FNH 5.7, FNH 509, Glock, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 23, Glock 26, Glock 42, Glock 43, Glock 48, H&K VP9, Kimber K6, Kimber-micro9, Ruger 5.7, Ruger LC9, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCPII, Ruger LCR, Ruger Super BlackHawk, Ruger-super-blackHawk, S&W 686, S&W BG38, S&W BG380, S&W Compact 1.0&2.0, S&W EZ380, S&W J FRAME, S&W K-FRAME, S&W MP9/40 f/S 1.0 & 2.0, S&W Shield9/45, S&W SW9VE, S&W-357-Magnun, S&W-MP9, Sig 226, Sig 227, Sig 229, Sig 238, Sig P320, Sig P365, Sig P365XL, Sig W/O RAIL, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield XD, Springfield XDM, Springfield XDS, Springfield-XD-mod2, Taurus-38mm, Walther PPK

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