Gun Holsters C3LeatherWorks Miami

CIII Leatherworks is an American Holster Manufacture run by its Founder and CEO Charles Mahaney III, Based out Cutler Bay, FL.  We design and manufacture many Types of holsters with multiple colors and shapes. Made them Exclusive for your gun and wearing your 2nd Amendment with Style, Comfort and the Safety you deserve. Made with pride in the USA.

Gun Holsters.
Made in Miami USA

We are a small shop producing artesanal Gun Holsters in the Miami Dade County Area.

Please do not confuse Custom made with poor quality. We produce a High quality product. I do not want to brag, but I’m sure we are among the top 10 in the country.

All we do are Handmade Holsters.

Over 8 years of experiences making Custom holsters. We adapt to the needs of the Customer. No matter the type of gun you may carry; if barrel is 1 or 6 inch, if you have a pistol or a revolver, we will produce a Custom Holster for that unit.

I don’t see my Gun Holster.

We support the models noted but new models are being added constantly. For more information, Please call or email if your model is not on the list.

Take a video look at my shop here.

Miami Custom Made Holsters

Our Holsters are made to perfectly fit your Gun. We have many Gun Models and when we say, we do a perfect fit holster is because we have the exact model of your gun, we deliver a holster only when your gun fits perfectly.

Miami Handmade Gun Holder

Yes, most of the work done is performed using our hands. Of course we also use machine equipment. However, Design, Cutting, Sizing, Painting and much of the effort is hand driven. 

Miami Artisan Holster

The products and work we made are considered a skilled craft work. We will make or creates Gun Holsters partly or entirely by hand.